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About Your Home Staging Coach: 
Erica Sandquist

Home Stager, Erica Sandquist
I have loved decorating, organizing and rearranging furniture since I was a little girl in the 1970s.  Throughout the past 30 years, co-workers, family members and friends have enlisted my help when they want their spaces (homes, classrooms, businesses, parties) to feel comfortable, be functional and look like a beautiful magazine layout. 

I realized how important staging was in 2006 when we wanted to sell our St. Paul home and move to Seattle.  The market had slowed down so much that homes were sitting for 12-14 months!  We needed to sell our house quickly and, of course, wanted to get the most money we could get.

After spending about 60 days and $2000 on paint, supplies, bins to organize, a couple hours of a handyman's time, we priced our home well above what the pre-staged house's appraisal.  We accepted an offer 5 weeks on the market and closed a month later...for $22,000 above the pre-staged appraisal!!  I was SOLD on staging...and  more importantly our house was too!!

I hold a Master's Degree in Teaching & Learning (2000, Saint Mary's of Winona), professional house flipping training, and two Life Coaching Certificates (2014). One of my "super powers" is using items you already own or treasures I find at thrift stores/garage sales/online and making it look like a magazine cover.  I love painting rooms, furniture and fixtures as well as re-purposing items.

Another of my "Super Powers" is to produce total transformations for a room or a house...but also helping people transform themselves either physically, emotionally or spiritually!! To help others in the areas of communication and relationships, I have a business called Building Dreams Enterprises, LLC  where I help people get clear, and reach, their goals.  

I started a Meetup group in Spokane called EROS in Love, Dating & Marriage for Singles and Couples to help others explore books, activities and concepts for healthy relationships. (EROS= Exploring Relationships, Ourselves & Sex).  Check out our EROS Facebook page HERE:

As a fun way to help singles in the Spokane area, Erica started a Meetup called Speed Dating Spokane in May 2019!  Check out our Speed Dating  website by clicking  on the pic below.

About The Flip Flop Girlz

Why the name "The Flip Flop Girlz"? 

  1. To start with, we are always flipping furniture and art work from one room to another or flopping a rug on the floor and pillows on a couch or bed. 
  2. Secondly, we love to wear flip flops to the work site. 
  3. Thirdly, Erica was trained in both Seattle and Spokane on flipping homes.  Since she loves helping people, she thought it would be more fun to help coach home owners to FLIP their own homes!  She LOVES to see transformations that can be done with just a couple gallons of paint and home staging all the way up to a full remodel.
  4. Fourth, it's really flippin' fun!
  5. Lastly, there's a GREAT personal story that goes along with that name!  Ask Erica about it when you see her!

The Flip Flop Girlz team is focused on providing home staging services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  We know who to call to get the job done right for a variety of services like house cleaners, roofers, painters, carpet cleaners, landscapers, handymen, etc.  With a variety of offerings to choose from at multiple price points, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and call us with any comments or questions.